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Are you looking to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of gabion baskets? If so – hopefully this blog post will help!

If you’re looking into using gabion baskets/ gabion cages to create a wall or fence in your property – you may be wondering if they’re worth the hype? Gabion baskets are often discussed in the landscaping and gardening communities – they offer sturdy and affordable options for walls, fences and benches – and they also look great!

If you’re looking to find out a little more about the procs and cons of gabions, hopefully this post can fill you in a little more, so you can familiarise yourself more with the process of installing gabions, and whether it’s worth it.

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Are Gabions worth the money and the effort?

Here we’ll talk through the pros and cons of gabions baskets, and discuss their various advantages and disadvantages, so hopefully you’ll be able to figure out if it’s worth your time and effort!

Of course, we’re a little boasted here! We made a website about gabion baskets – so we think they’re great! But we’ll try and be as balanced as possible here and give you opinions from both sides.

Pros of gabion baskets

OK, so there are many advantages of gabion baskets… but some of the main pros are listed below!

  • One of the main pros of using gabion baskets is the sheer ease of handling them, and how easy they are to transport too. Gabion baskets can be folsed down, and you don’t need to fully assemble them until you reach your destination. This makes them a great option for roof gardens (as an example!).
  • The speed of constructing gabion baskets is the next big advantage of using them. Unlike traditional walls, which could take days to build for a beginner – a gabion basket is easy and quick to put together.
  • Gabions are sustainable – the carbon footprint of CO2 emissions from a gabion wall, is 80% lower compared to a concrete retaining wall of the same height. 
  • Another big advantage is that gabion baskets can be moved and are flexible too! If you want to move them after constructing them – it’s relatively straight forward.
  • Lastly, a big benefit is it’s permeability to water. Gabions are great for drainage, so perfect for wet weather.
  • Long lasting – gabion structures last for a long time and are hard-wearing too.
  • Budget friendly – in most cases, the cost of a gabion project will be much less compared to a traditional alternative.

Cons of gabion baskets

  • Gabions can be more expensive than alternatives – such as wooden fencing.
  • For larger gabion structures (large walls or big projects) can be time-consuming to install, and may require large equipment.
  • Some people don’t like the appearance of gabions. However, looking for design-led gabion inspiration can quickly fix this!

What can gabions be used for?

So now you know the main procs and cons of gabions, you may be wondering what they can actually be used for!

The good news is, they can be used for many things, and that’s what makes them so popular! We mainly focus on gabion walls, gabion fences and gambion benches on this website – but a quick google search will show you plenty of other ways to use gabions too!

We hope this list of gabion pros and cons has been useful!

Hopefully this list of gabion pros and cons has given you lots of ideas and inspiration to begin your own gabion project!

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