Gabion baskets

gabion basket reviews

Gabion baskets are essentially wire mesh constructions that are box-shaped and of varying sizes. Often used in highway and railway works, they are economical ways to both retain land and prevent corrosion.  Although adequate access to local stone can be an issue for some, for most people this is rarely a problem. Due to the multitude of stones available, gabion baskets tend to be excellent choices for landscapers looking to create attractive yet practical retaining structures.

How much do gabion baskets cost?

Gabion baskets that are for sale tend to vary in size, and much of the cost associated with them has to do with this factor. The unit rate per metre cubed of gabion basket is approximately £98 at current market rates. Though you may find more competitively priced materials and can cut costs by constructing them without professional assistance, costs for gabions tend to be more competitive than concrete blocks of an equivalent size. Therefore, they’re certainly a wise investment for most landscapers.

gabion basket reviews
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How long do gabion baskets last?

As gabion baskets have a high resistance to atmospheric corrosion due to their highly galvanized steel mesh caging, they are hardy and long-wearing structures. Satisfactorily strong and capable of resisting large amounts of flood force, torrential rain and earth pressure, they can last anywhere from 10-100 years depending on the strength of material used and the skill of the constructor.

Especially moldable to natural surroundings, gabion baskets can work with vegetation and silt, securing their position and providing greater longevity. Though salt and pollution in the air can degrade gabion baskets, providing your structures have been sufficiently galvanized, the effect of this should be minimized.

faqs about gabion baskets

Do I need a foundation for a gabion?

Unlike other structures, gabion baskets are not vulnerable to drainage issues as they are designed to be porous. On account of this, water cannot build up and cause structural failure. Though some soil assessment is useful for gabion basket installations, it is not as imperative as it is with other landscaping structures.

Should you be building upon red clay, there is the potential for material to wash through gabion baskets. If this is the case, ensure that you use a geotextile cloth behind the basket structure to prevent any structural failure. You will not, however, need to use a concrete foundation for successful gabion baskets.

Do gabion baskets rust?

As with any structure that meets water over its lifespan, the potential for rust to appear should always be considered. 

Though steel can rust over time, if gabion baskets are sufficiently galvanized prior to installation, they should not rust. Zinc or PVC coating treatments provide equal protection against oxidation and rusting, and this protection is always preferable to encountering rusting once the structures have been built! Gauge galvanised steel gabion baskets are particularly hardy and provide more than adequate shielding from nature’s elements.

Be aware that the thicker the steel mesh of your gabion basket, the more coating will be required to meet coating regulations. Therefore, be sure to accurately calculate how much you’ll need prior to investing in a gabion basket.