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Are you looking for photos of gabion fences? Keep reading if so!

Gabion fences or gabion walls are often used as a sturdy, affordable and attractive fencing options. Gabion fences generally offer more security than regular fences, and they can also work well for privacy too. Because of how affordable gabion cages are, creating gabion fences are also a realistic option for many people too!

Gabion fences can be attractive and add a lot to the exterior of a building (whether it be a business or residential building). Here are some of the other beenfits of gabion fences:

  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to assemble and put together
  • Quick to assemble (when time is of the essence!)
  • Flexible to move around or change (once erected)
  • Offers good drainage from wet weather

Here are some of the best photos of gabion fences we’ve come across, to give you some inspiration and ideas!

Photos of gabion fences

We really like the design below – the mix of traditional fencing and gabion fencing really makes the colours and textures stand out. The mixing of gabion and wood fencing gives the property something unique and also adds a little extra security and structure.

USA gabion basket reviews
best gabion fences

The gabion fences below are similar to the one above. Instead of alternating gabion fences with wooden fences though, this design alternates gabion fences with hedging. We think it works really well and allows you to inject a little color into the exterior design too!

gabion baskets in the USA

Another option for gabion fencing that we’re loving, is using natural colored stone (like the photo below). This adds something a little more natural and ‘earthy’ to the design, and would go well with red-toned bricks or floor stones for example. You can see this in the photo below – how well they match!

gabion fences

The gabion fences below are broken up nicely by using feature trees – this is a great effect and adds an extra element of sophistication and design to the gabion fences. This is perhaps one of my favorite photos of gabion fences.

gabion fences reviews
gabion baskets in the USA
gabion baskets in the USA

Hopefully these photos of gabion fences have given you some inspiration!

Gabion fencing can be used to create simple and effective fencing, and it can be really attractive and add lots of character to an outdoor space too! We hope these photos of gabion fences has given you some inspiration and ideas going forwards! Don’t foget to check out our information page on gabion fences here.

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