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Are you looking for photos of gabion benches? Gabion baskets make really great option for benches, and gabion benches are one of the most popular uses of gabion cages.

If you’re planning to create a gabion bench (whether for a business, your residential garden, or a public space) they make fantastic seating options. Gabion cages are easy to turn into benches – and we’ve even created content about making your own gabion benches here.

We know if you’re looking into making a gabion bench you’ll want some visual inspiration! A key part to creating gabion benches is researching and checking out all the different styles and options available.

Here are some photos of of gabion benches to take a look at!

gabion benches reviews

We love the modern, clean finish of this gabion bench. The wood choice also works really well. This kind of style would work perfectly in a residential garden.

gabion wall

Another clean-cut, modern looking gabion bench. This seating style is really casual, but looks smart and sophisticated. We also love the contrast of the wood against the rocks and grass!

gabion bench review

You don’t need to limit yourself to a bench, you can make an entire set of garden furniture from gabion cages! We love the example above, which includes the gabion benches and table too!

gabion walls

A lovely gabion bench seating area, next to a gabion wall. We love how they have used different rocks in the wall and the bench – differentiating them and adding an extra dimension to the garden design too.

Gabion bakets

This is a public gabion bench – you can see how the wooden seats have been put onto the gabion cages to create a comfortable seating area! This is a really nice way of blending in a gabion bench into the surrounding landscape.

gabion benches photos

A slightly different example of gabion bench – this time using steel for the seating area, instead of wood. The stone in this example is also slightly different, as they’re flat stones instead of more round shapes. For us, this gabion bench is quite a modern example!

gabion benches photos

A cosy place to sit in a public park – this is a prime example of gabion benches! These would be a great place to sit, and provide a scenic and flexible seating area.

review for gabion benchesreview for gabion benches

This gabion bench is likely the simplest example of gabion benches – it’s a stand-alone bench, and it’d work great in gardens, both private or public! This would be relatively easy to create yourself at home.

What do you think of these gabion benches?

They’re great! Very flexible, easy to make and they look wonderful in more settings and scenarios. From more traditional looking benches, to modern designs, the gabions benches are really varied.

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